There are a number of advantages that a rotary screw compressor offers over a number of advantages over a reciprocating air compressor. Some of them are mentioned as follows:

  1. Maintenance is simple in screw based air compressors
  2. Minimum oil-carryover
  3. Ability to function in rough and harsh environments
  4. Lesser consumption of oil
  5. Minimum heat generation
  6. Shockless compression technology
  7. Very less noise levels
  8. Lighter and portable
  9. Nil reduction in capacity over a period of time.

The two most common mobile compressors are rotary screw air compressors and reciprocating (or piston) air compressors.

Traditionally, the piston compressor has been the more widely used due to price and availability.  Many commercial van operators request reciprocating (“recip(s)”) compressors because they simply do not understand the difference between a rotary screw and a recip and are only familiar with what they’ve traditionally used.

Advantages of screw compressor

Rotary screws have very distinct and important advantages over recips:

  • Work faster. Generally rotary screw air compressors deliver more air compared to reciprocating compressors of the same size.  Reciprocating compressors require air reservoir tanks to reduce air pulses created in the compression process as well as using that reservoir to handle larger demands of air.  Rotary screw compressors do not create the same type of air pulses and can deliver large amounts of air when required without the need of a reservoir tank. Not waiting for your compressor to keep up to your work means you can get jobs done faster and complete more jobs in a day.
  • Work longer. Rotary screw air compressors can operate at 100% duty cycle.  Duty cycle is the amount of time a compressor can continuously operate without stopping to prevent overheating in a given time.  For example, if a compressor can run for 60 minutes in a 60-minute period without stopping, it is 100% duty cycle. If it can only run for 30 out of 60 minutes, it is 50% duty cycle. Most reciprocating compressors are only capable of 50% duty cycle.  This means those compressors can only operate half the time which reduces your ability to get the job done.  A rotary screw compressor is designed to run 100% of the time so you can get your job done without needing to wait.
  • Work worry-free. Rotary screw air compressors last longer than reciprocating air compressors. Like an engine, reciprocating compressors have piston rings and other components that contact each other and wear over time. With that wear comes a decrease in performance, oil carry over and more heat generation.  A rotary screw compressor is designed so that the compressor oil seals the internal rotors, preventing parts from wearing out.  Unlike a reciprocating compressor that loses performance with age, the rotary screw compressor maintains the same performance throughout its long life.
  • Work with more. Rotary screw air compressors are lighter weight and provide more capacity in a smaller package than reciprocating air compressors. This means vehicles can haul more equipment, tools and materials, can spend less time driving between shops and jobsites, and can get jobs done faster. Not only can you haul more you can do more.  The rotary screw compressor will provide enough power to operate most common hand-held pneumatic tools.  From impact wrenches and deburring tools to grinders, you’ll get the air to power these tools when you need it.



  • one Single Stage, rotary Screw Element complete with dry Paper, Type Suction Air Filter with Silencer.
  • Conveniently located for easy replacement of filter element.
  • Unloaded with Integrated Regulating Valve for Load/Unload Control system.
  • Simple design with only one moving part needs no regular adjustments.
  • Three-way solenoid valve for load/unload regulation of the Compressor.
  • Air / Oil Temperature Switch.
  • Air oil Temperature at element outlet and to shut down the compressor in case of too high element outlet air temperature.
  • Air check valve at the element discharge end.


  • Sight glass for oil level indication and oil filling arrangement.
  • Minimum Pressure Valve to close off the compressor from the air out let when the Unit is stopped.
  • Running unloaded and – maintain required air pressure.
  • In system for proper oil lubrication.
  • Safety valve Gauge for Air oil receiver pressure.
  • Easy Oil draining arrangement.
  • Three stage Air Oil Separation system: First by cyclonic action (Centrifugal), Second by gravitational (heavier particles separate down), Third by passing through coalescent filter.


Coolers of Aluminums for optimum heat transfer: Low pressure drop & weight, after cooler reduces the temperature of outlet air from 100°C to ambient temperature.

  • oill Filter mounted on Air oil cooler for filtration of lubricating oil.
  • Thermostatic Switch to regulate oil temperature within the system.
  • 2 Pole, Squirrel Cage Induction Motor with TEFC IP 55 enclosure, class F insulation, suitable for 45 deg C ambient temperature and 415 +/- 10% Volts, 3Ph., 50 Hz


  • Suitable DOL/Star-Delta Starter with Siemens / ABB make contactors and relays etc.
  • Single phase preventer to ensures safety of compressor by tripping.
  • Emergency Stop Button.
  • Control panel.

 Intelligent Micro processer – Electronic Regulation and Monitoring System Which permits following Control & Monitoring Functions?

  1. Start, Stop and Reset push buttons (Feather touch contacts) “
  • For starting, stopping and resetting the fault after necessary rectifications.
  • After pressing stop button compressor runs idle for 30 seconds before stopping ensuring that Compressor never stops in “LOAD” Condition and reduces system temperature gradually.
  • Indicates “Discharge Air pressure” – “Element outlet Air temperature” and total running hours.
  1. Compressor Status Indications
  • Voltage ON (Mains Power ON)
  • Compressor ON (Operational)
  • Compressor running on UNLOAD
  • Compressor Running on “LOAD”
  1. Compressor Warning & Shutdown Indications (LCD indications)
  • Element outlet Air Temperature High (Alarm & Trip)
  • Single phase (Alarm & Trip)
  • Motor Overload (Alarm & Trip)
  1. Automatic Operation with INTELLIGENT MIRCO PROCESSOR

Software allows considerable reduction in electricity consumption The “INTELLIGENT”

program unique property of distinguishing between three types:

  • Air consumption, Brief Idling Period when Idle time < 2.5 minutes meaning “High Consumption of Air”
  • Un-loading (idling) & Loading operation and avoids stopping- starting of electric motor.
  • Long Idling Period when Idle time > 2.5 minutes; meaning “Low Consumption of Air” , When compressor reaches maximum set pressure, it Idles for 30 seconds & it is placed in “STAND – BY” mode. Intermittent Operation distinguishes between the consumption cycles and adjusts itself to the optimum mode.
  • Switching over between High and LOW consumption cycles takes place automatically, based on a test of last cycle performe.

 Acoustic Canopy & Drive arrangement

  • Compressor package is enclosed in a powder coated acoustic canopy with sound absorbing material for limiting the noise level.
  • Anti-vibration mounts support Electric motor and compressor unit and isolates the moving components from rest of the structure, thereby reduces sound level and avoids need for anchoring the machine on floor.
  • Cogged belts and pulley drive \ Direct Coupling arrangement for efficient power transmission, with easy of belts removal & tensioning.