We are a globally admired manufacturer, supplier and trader of Water Lifting Borewell Compressor Pumps. Owing to the ability to get water from the depth of 100 ft to 1600 ft, these pumps are highly demanded for agricultural, industrial and domestic purposes. Designed and created using superior raw components, these Borewell Compressor Pumps are admired for robust construction and durability.

NEC Borewell Compressor Pumps are designed for domestic , Industrial and agricultural purposes are  provided with high operating efficiency compressor that can draw water from depths of 100 ft. to 1600 ft.They are assembled with special duty Compressor Motor for quality & reliability and manufactured and
Tested to high standards of excellence.

Compressor pumps are sound in design and robust in construction which assures a reliable performance.

The Compressor Pump which draws the water works on the principle of difference of two inter Connected water columns; the heavier one. On balancing over the light one. On operation the compressed air is pumped down the well and gets mixed with water in the discharge pipe as very fine air bubbles by the Air distributor installed at the end of the Air pipe line. The air water mixture having a low density than the  surrounding water column rises in the discharge pipe. The air distributor should be 10 mm or less in diameter for efficient air water mixture. The outlet from the discharge pipe  must not be connected to the long conveyance pipe since this will cause hammering when the water is ejected out due to large air pockets formed during the horizontal travel of air water mixture in the pipe.


  • MOTOR: Special duty motor suitable for compressor.
  • CYLINDER: Special Cast iron, deep finned for quick heat dissipation.
  • INTER/ AFTER COOLER: Deep finned aluminium alloy specially designed to keep the temperature low and to minimize the formation of carbon.
  • PISTON: Automotive type low expansion aluminium alloy.
  • VALVE PLATES: Special stainless steel material for high resistance and high efficiency and self floating.
  • CRANK SHAFT: Mode of Carbon steel dynamically balanced with roller bearings for connecting rod big and deep groved ball bearing for journals.


  • Prefix MB denotes monobloc compressor pump otherwise it is coupled.
  • The figure denotes HP of the motor to be used. All are in 4 poles.
  • Prefix SC denotes single cylinder, DC denotes double cylinder & MB denotes monobloc.
  • All ratings are used in single phase except for ratings where mentioned 3 phase after rating reference