Hoist (Vechicle Lift)

A hoist is a device used for lifting or lowering a load by means of a drum or lift-wheel around which rope or chain wraps. It may be manually operated, electrically or pneumatically driven and may use chain, fiber or wire rope as its lifting medium. The load is attached to the hoist by means of a lifting hook.

  • Mobile lift uses “pallet jack” style hydraulics to raise lift onto wheels
  • Rolls right under vehicle or use the unique drive over design to
    easily position lifting points
  • Thick 13″ x 10″ column
  • Chain over design uses a 3″x36″ cylinder and 846 leaf chain
  • Single point lock release
  • Powder coat paint finish


  •      Single Post
  •      Two post
  •      Greesh Pump
  •      Air Compressor
  •      Car washer/Vechicle wash


Two Post Hoists are the latest introduction by NEC. in the field of modern workshop equipment. Designed to International Standards, the NEC 275 & 300 Hoists can lift vehicles up to 2.75 tones & 3 tones in weight, respectively. However, both Hoists are tested for much higher loads and are fitted with all the necessary safety features, these include overload cut off, chain breakage cut off and backup safety nuts in both carriages. Both posts and chain are enclosed to protect the moving parts from dirt and moisture. The system consists of a power column interlinked by a transmission chain, running in maintenance free guides in the base frame, to the idle column. The automatic continuously lubricated screws provide easy and smooth up and down movement of the carriage arms, giving long life and minimum maintenance. The NEC 300 has a few modifications like reinforced arms, extra strengthening of the base and ease of operation make these hoists the best choice for any workshop.


NEC manufactures Lubricating Equipment which include high pressure grease pumps. These equipment are ideal for earth moving machinery, textile, railways and other industries and for garage/servicing and maintenance of fleet vehicles.


Model Number NEC-6K
Capacity 6,000 lbs
Power Pack 110vac
Lifting height 72″
Low height 5″
Pad height 5″- 9.5″ (spin-up style)
Height overall 102″
Width overall 59″
Distance between lifting pad
(column side to offside)
60″ max 54″ min.
Distance between lifting pads
( offside)
81″ max 54″ min.


RMP Vehicle washers are built to the highest standard of workmanship embodying the longest experience in the manufacture of Air Compressors. These pumps are compact, reliable and robust, Ideally suits the requirements of service station, Industrial cleaning and many more application where high-pressure washing is required. Available in four sizes in 1 HP, 2HP, 3HP, and 5HP with single and double gun versions. Standard equipment includes Base frame, crimped hose, gun and motor pulley.

  •     Automobile Service Stations & Garage
  •     Railway Workshops & Cleaning yards
  •     Heavy & Light Metal Industries
  •     Animal/Bird Breeding Farms
  •     Cement Manufacturing Plant
  •     Defence Establishments
  •     Hotel & Flight Kitchens
  •     Food Processing Units
  •     Coal Fields & Mines
  •     Construction Contractors
  •     State Transport Undertakings-Depots & Workshops
  •     High Pressure testing of Valves for leakages

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