Vật nuôi Máy nén khí

Vật nuôi Máy nén khí


NEC Established in 1988, designs and manufactures. NEC is a wide range of air compressors. NEC reciprocating compressor . Over the years, it has emerged as a multi-product, multi-market enterprise providing total compressed air solutions in all segments. NEC design capabilities translated into a wide range of products ranging from oil-lubricated and oil-free rotary screw compressors, reciprocating compressors . NEC has its own manufacturing operations in India.

A Tradition of Reliability

From experience of 30years, của rất nhiều khách hàng của chúng tôi, nhìn thấy là tin tưởng. They know a quality-built machine when they see it. That’s why every part on a NEC compressor is a quality part .This speaks to the engineering and design of our products.Our R&D là dành riêng cho máy thiết kế mà chạy mát, cleaner and longer… đó là dễ dàng để dịch vụ… with longer service intervals.Here is where we back our pledge, ngành công nghiệp hàng đầu bảo hành của chúng tôi,parts availability and call centers staffed by experts assure peace-of mind to our customers. Reciprocating compressor parts and top blocks are manufactured in our state-of-the-art foundry and machining center and air receivers in our dedicated facility. All the compressors are subject to 100% kiểm tra tự động trong quá trình lắp ráp

NEC exclusive PET compressor range is ideally suited for PET blowing application which operate with one or more PET blowing machines and offers a low cost of ownership and very high UPTIME.

Các máy nén được thiết kế cho người vận hành và an toàn nhà máy theo tiêu chuẩn OSHA với đôi đứng về phía bảo vệ vành đai, niêm phong van an toàn như các máy nén hoạt động ở áp lực cao. như trước và sau khi lọc, tách dầu và độ ẩm, máy sấy lạnh và máy thu không khí thẳng đứng được thiết kế theo tiêu chuẩn ASME

Choose from NEC wide range of high pressure compressors which are designed to precisely meet your high pressure Air demands. Widely used in different applications such as PET blowing, Plastic and Packaging Industry, Gen-set khởi đầu, mạch vỡ, Nhà máy điện và các phòng thí nghiệm kiểm tra.

Cast iron cylinders and cylinder heads with deep grooved cooling fins ensure best possible heat transfer and keeps the compression system relatively cool Precise and sophisticated suction valves with unloader and delivery van reliability is assured

VẬT NUÔI Dành riêng áp cao piston nén

Các NEC Advantage

Aluminium pistons with piston rings to ensure lower wear and tear and lower oil carry over into the compression chamber.

Strong and robust crank case is made of high grade cast iron. Splash lubrication system ensures proper circulation of oil to all parts of the rotating

High quality ball bearings and roller bearings ensures optimum load transfer and transmission without causing any un-even wear

1. top Khối

mạnh 3 giai đoạn khối áp lực cao cho hiệu quả tốt nhất

2. Bộ lọc hút

  • Heavy duty air filter with enhanced life

3. Động cơ điện

  • Heavy duty, TEFC, CE Certified, designed for 50°C ambient with IP55 protection & Class F cách nhiệt

4. Đai bảo vệ

  • Close mesh belt guard to prevent accidental injury to the operator as per international safety norms

5. Van an toàn

  • van an toàn cho sự an toàn tăng cường

6. inter & sau khi làm mát

  • Robust air cooled inter stage and after stage copper coolers

7. Giao Un-loader

  • Solenoid controlled automatic bleeding of compressed air to ensure smooth starting

8. Thu khí

  • 500 Lts áp cao nhận thiết kế theo tiêu chuẩn ASME

9. hút máy xả

  • Runs the compressor in un-load mode when there is no demand

10. bộ khởi động

  • Dual operation mode (Tải / un-load và on / off) at a single Phase Preventer Provided for the motor Protection from the phases loss

11. V-Thắt lưng

  • Double poly V belts with low transmission loss


  • Provided to know the running of the compressors for the Lubrication (For the Oil Maintains)

13. Piece forged crank shaft and forged connecting rods

  • with a high mechanical life offers even throw and makes the compression system run smooth without any unwanted vibration.

14.Công tắc áp suất

  • A Mechanical Devices, that release on Air pressure to Control the operation of an Electric Air Compressors. The Mechanism Completes the circuit and allows power to the motor. As long as System pressure is below a specified settings.

15.xả van

  • Designed to drain sludge and rust laden condensate in compressors room equipments and pipeline.

16.Non Return valve

  • Designed to save time and provide superior contingency well control .

17.Heat exchanger

  • The Essential priniciple of a Heat exchanger , is that transfer the heat without tranferrring the fluid, that carrys heat…. Heat exchanged by the Fluids. The hot fluids cools down and cold fluid warms up without them actually coming in to contact and mixing.


Heat exchanger used to transfer thermal energy from one medium to another, for the purpose of cooling.

NEC PET and High Compressors Applications

Pet bottle Industry, Pet Bottle manufacturing industries, U PVC Pipe manufacturers, HDPE Pipe manufacturers , PVC Tank manufacturers , Rock drillers and other various application in device industries.

Genuine Spares and Service

NEC Phụ tùng chính hãng giúp tránh thất bại nén bất ngờ và nguy cơ thiệt hại do hậu quả với các thành phần máy nén quan trọng khác.

NEC spares are designed, manufactured and checked for quality to meet the standards of a new compressor.

The spares undergo continuous Improvement to provide best results and are available through the vast network of NEC dealers in India.

Sau Giải pháp bán hàng

A wide range of After Sales products and services is designed to add maximum value for our customers. bảo trì nhanh chóng của chúng tôi đảm bảo tối ưu , availability and reliability of the compressors with the lowest possible operating costs

NOR phụ kiện

ẩm máy phân ly

• Sức chứa : 20 – 80 cfm

• Max. sức ép : 35 – 60 thanh g

lạnh máy sấy không khí

• Sức chứa : 20 – 80 cfm

• Max. sức ép: 35 – 60 thanh g

Không khí Người nhận

• Capacity : 500 Lít, 1000 Lít

• Max. sức ép : 60 quán ba

Hạ lưu lọc

hạt Lọc

• Sức chứa : 20 – 60 cfm

• Max. sức ép : 42 – 60 quán ba

Dầu diệt Lọc

• Sức chứa : 20 – 60 cfm

• Max. sức ép : 42 – 60 quán ba

Sau lọc

• Sức chứa : 20 – 60 cfm

• Max. sức ép : 42 – 60 quán ba

Hậu quả, máy nén áp suất cao được cung cấp hoàn chỉnh với máy nén,động cơ, tủ điện, thu khí, và máy sấy làm lạnh, tạo thành một nhỏ gọn nhưng đầy đủ PET hệ thống máy nén thổi. Tập là hiệu quả hơn 10% hơn bất kỳ máy nén khác trên thị trường, và với một bộ chuyển đổi tần số một cách hoàn hảo thích nghi tiết kiệm có thể đạt tới 15%. 20 HP High Pressure Air Máy nénPET Bottle

Triple Cylinder Low Pressure Air Compressor

NEC Reciprocating air compressors are designed for optimum efficiency while requiring minimum maintenance to meet your demands of compressed air.Máy nén piston mạnh, reliable and long lasting Core values that benefits the customer.

High reliability: Robust internal parts and lesser service points ensures lower down time of the compressor

Cost effective:Offers low life cycle cost with zero compromise on performance and quality

Tiết kiệm năng lượng:Best in class flow for specified HP with high efficiency IE2 Motors

Operator safety:Compressor design confirms to ASME design code and OSHA Safety standards

  • Cast iron block
  • Industrial duty rating Slow running speed
  • Pressure switch with unloader
  • Totally enclosed belt guard
  • Inter stage pressure relief valve
  • Air receiver Leak proof fittings
  • Outperforms and outlasts aluminium block compressor
  • No stand-by compressor required
  • Low wear & tear
  • Easy starting and increased motor life
  • Full protection against accidents
  • Provides extra safety
  • Totally safe & 100% assured capacity as per international standards
  • Guaranteed output
  • No compressed air leakage

NEC two stage high volume compressor is meticulously designed with cutting-edge technology.

It is simple to operate and easy to maintain. And with an extensive service network and easy availability of spares, this compressor is undoubtedly the wisest choice for unparalleled performance in the long run.

Refrigeration Industrial




The Heat Exchanger is of COAXIAL type, the design maximizes exchanger efficiency by using Copper tubes in a coiled TUBE-IN-TUBE arrangement. Tube sizes are carefully chosen so that fluid velocities are maintained through the tubes. This promotes turbulence break up boundary and maximizes the heat transfer rate with minimum pressure drop. To further increase heat transfer efficiency, a Counter Flow pattern is used that achieves the maximum temperature difference.

  • Full copper corrosion free heat exchanger
  • Non-fouling exchanger
  • Co-Axial arrangement, tends to minimize space requirement
  • Minimises power consumption
  • No leakage
  • giảm áp suất thấp
  • Hiệu quả cao
  • Corrossion free light weight FRP tank
  • ectronic expansion valve (optional)
  • Remote and water cooled condenser (optional)



The brazed plate heat exchanger is variation of the traditional gasketed plate type heat exchanger. It is designed to have lower pressure drop. It consists of stainless steel (như vậy 316) plates and two end plates. The plates are brazed (99% copper) together in a vacuum oven to form a compact pressure resistant unit. This compact design can easily be mounted directly in piping without brackets and foundations. High pressure, high volume pump with mechanical seal for long life and no leakage. The pump is capable of working 24 hours a day throughout the year. No need of stand-by pump. Pump motor has an overload protection. Stainless steel well insulated tank to save power due to no heat transfer from closed tank. Rigid steel frame construction covered with easy removable steel covering, free accessible maintenance of all internal components, weather resistant power coating finish. PLC based control panel is totally enclosed, dust proof, complete with all necessary switching, control and safety devices in accordance with applicable codes.

Compressors are protected with overloads and safety trips.Standard high pressure and low pressure refrigeration gauges. Adjustable low pressure and fan pressure switches for flexibility in operation.Unit is self contained of . All equipment are factory tested prior to delivery. Adjacent plates form flow channels carrying alternately hot and cold media throughout the plate pack.All port connections are located in the fixed frame plate proving a low maintenance installation.Provided the number of passes is the same for both media nearly 100% counter-flow will be achieved Efficient heat transfer between refrigerant and water.Low weight Flexibility & easy by adding or removing plates

All chillers are shipped pre-piped and wired, ready to install and operate, installation is made easy with conveniently located Water and Drain connections. NEC CHILLERS are designed to require minimum maintenance. Should service be necessary, a team of trained technicians is available to answer your questions about installation, operation and maintenance or repair. A complete inventory of spare parts is maintained at the factory and channel partners & local service providers located all over India

Refrigerated Industrial Air Dryers

Drawing and Technical datas

van xả tự động

van xả tự động / Electronic Timer-Controlled Drain Valves (EDV)

The timer-controlled drain valve is a full featured, automatic electronic drain valve that effectively removes condensate on a timed basis. Easy to use, its compact footprint makes it a versatile choice for any air system component where a simple design is sufficient.

  • Timer-controlled dials for easy operation
  • Electronic design operates at either 110/120 V or 230/240 V
  • NEC enclosure enhances protection against water and particulates
  • Compact size for confined spaces, mounts in any orientation
  • Y-strainer with mesh filter screen and ball valve prevents clogging and simplifies maintenance
  • Bright LED indicator lights signify when electrical power is on and valve is open
  • Test switch for manual override to actuate drain
  • Enhanced safety through CE & UL agency approved components

Micro filters , Sub filters

Tháp làm mát

Water pump