Pet Air Compressor Manufacture in Dubai

PET High pressure air compressors are devices that convert power to potential energy that is stored in compressed oil free air. Air compressors force more air into storage tanks to increase its pressure and when the pressure of the tank reaches its limit it off load the air compressor .
Types of PET Air Compressor Systems
PET air systems started out with three-stage, air-cooled, lubricated piston units in multiple quantities for smaller systems and water-cooled, oil-free, three-stage or two-stage boosters for the larger systems. Over the last ten years, four-stage centrifugal have become a popular base-load air compressor, and smaller companies have embraced air-cooled, single-stage lubricated boosters. The king of the hill is still the three-stage, water-cooled, oil-free piston machine.
Here is a recap of the types of blow air compressors that are available today:
Three-Stage Lubricated Air-Cooled Piston—15/40 CFM; lubricated only; compresses from atmospheric to 580 psi; maximum flow 40/80 CFM each, so it must be used in multiples; provides backup; good space utilization; moderately efficient; 10- to 12-year service life; very cost-effective for small systems
Single-Stage Boosters — 10/500 CFM; available in lubricated and non-lubricated configurations; uses existing or required inlet air from 125 to 175 psi, depending on pressure; moderate space utilization; reasonably efficient; 10- to 15-year service life; very cost-effective solution to provide PET compressed air
Single-Stage Boosters — 600/2,000 CFM; normally oil-free and water-cooled; uses 125 psi inlet air; low rpm; requires large space; fairly efficient; moderately high-cost; 20- to 30-year service life; used where a large amount of low pressure air is available; realistic costs for large systems
High-Pressure Four-Stage Centrifugal — 1,800/5,000 CFM; oil-free; space-efficient; power cost inefficient unless full load; long periods of low maintenance with costly major rebuild; moderate cost per CFM; 10- to 15-year service life; realistic choice for base-load in large systems
Three-Stage Water-Cooled Piston — 90/1400 CFM; oil-free; water-cooled; reasonably space efficient spending on configuration; most efficient option; can be high on maintenance costs if routine checks are not done at 4,000 to 6,000 hours; highest investment cost per CFM; 20- to 30-year service life; staple of most large production PET plant compressor systems.

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