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Working Priniciple

The principle of operation for a membrane nitrogen generator is where atmospheric air is compressed by an air compressor and passed through a hollow fibre membrane, filtering out parts of air (primarily oxygen) leaving behind a high purity nitrogen gas N2 Nitrogen Generator Electronic Digital Tyre Petrol Bunk Air Gauge Inflators.

Product description

Nitrogen Tyre Air Inflators

NEC N2 Nitrogen Generator Electronic Digital Tyre Petrol Bunk Air Gauge Inflators , Air inflator in order to maintain the robustness of the entire gamut, we use premium grade raw components and advanced production procedures. The offered Nitrogen Gas Generator is widely known for perfect finish and sturdy construction. To meet budgetary requirements of clients, we provide our generator at nominal price.Nitrogen Tyre Air Inflators

Established in the year 1988, National Equipment Company is currently one of the top manufacturing companies in Tamil Nadu. We provide high quality, low budgeted as well as minimal maintenance Nitrogen Generator (N2), Air Compressors and Pump-sets. N2 Nitrogen Generator Electronic Digital Tyre Petrol Bunk Air Gauge Inflators

Above all, professionally designed, manufactured and assembled with care at our ultra-modern manufacturing units. Additionally, our units are located in all major Cities in Nitrogen Tyre Air Inflators

30 years of professional experience in the industry has led to providing not only quality products but also high satisfactory customer service. As a result, we successfully manage a high profile book of business including numerous industrial users, Petrol Bunks.

Our Nitrogen Generator, Air inflator is one of our best sellers, because of its high efficiency, affordability and premium quality rating, tested and rated by our experts.

Quality Parameters

Our main objective is delivering elite products, not only in terms of quality but also in quantity. We achieve these parameters through professional insight, for instance, by using highly skilled manpower along with supreme standard machinery and tools. In essence, our team comprises of qualified managers, supervisors, quality controllers and also the best marketing strategists from the industry. We provide well structured and easy to understand customer guidance as well as extended maintenance packages along with most of our ranges.

During the delivery, all our products are thoroughly checked and packaged by our professional dispatch team to ensure safety and quality at your door-step. Henceforth, prioritizing the satisfaction of our customers and the standard of our service.

Apart from Nitrogen Generator,Air Inflator we also provide additional components such as Air Compressors , Air dryers, Air filters, Drain valves and Receiver tanks. In conclusion, with extensive experience in delivering high range products, we assure the best Nitrogen Generator , Air Inflator at very affordable price.


  • Gas/Fuel stations (Bunks)
  • Automobile Garages
  • Transport Corporations
  • Automobile Manufacturing
  • Factories
  • Transport Depot
  • Service Stations
  • Institutions
  • Puncture shops


  • Suitable for Cars & LCVs
  • Automatic Nitrogen generator shut-off after nitrogen generation
  • Two sets of large capacity CMS filter
  • Two stage pre-filters for water/oil separator
  • vacuum generator to extract air out from the tyre
  • Automatic tyre inflation under set-up pressure
  • Automatic alarm for any error and work finish
  • Record setting data
  • Audible and visual of end of nitrogen generation and inflation
  • Accumulated working time for monitoring filter replacement
  • N purity display 2
  • Large backlight LED for indicating pressure, time & nitrogen purity
  • Equipped with independent backup system for computer

Material of constructions

Power supply110-230 VAC at 50Hz110-230 VAC at 50Hz
SystemMicro-controlled basedMicro-controlled based
OperationAuto sensing systemAuto sensing system
Max Inlet pressure180 Psi270 Psi
Working pressure0-100 psi0-200 psi
Output N2 pressureUp to 145 PsiUp to 200 Psi
Nitrogen Production4.5 CFM9 CFM
Nitrogen purity95-99%95-99%
Storage tank65 Litres(In-build)500 Litres(external)
Display2×1 LCD with Back light2×1 LCD with Back light
Display Resolution1.0 Psi1.0 Psi
Accuracy+Psi/0.07 bar of Full scale+Psi/0.07 bar of Full scale
Measuring Resolution0.1 Psi0.1 Psi
IndicationsLED and BuzzerLED and Buzzer
Power consumption45 VA60 VA
Output Hose10 Meter16 Meter
ApplicationTwo wheelers, Cars, SUVLight and Heavy Trucks

Technical Specification

  • Nitrogen generated PSA technology
  • Nitrogen purity 95 – 99%
  • Air Inlet pressure 9 -10 Kg/cm , 130 -145 PSI
  • Air compressor required 5.5-7.5 kw, 10 Kg/cm , Exhaust volume, 0.6-1.5 M /min
  • Nitrogen Outlet pressure 6 – 8 Kg/cm , 85 -115 PSI
  • Output capacity 60 – 70 ltrs. 2.1 – 2.5 CFM 2
  • Tank capacity 70 ltrs. In-built 2
  • Measure unit Bar & PSI
  • Operating temperature 0 – 50°C, 0 – 122°F
  • Power supply 220V AC, Single Phase, 50Hz
  • Power 30 W

Tyre Inflator

Air Compressor