air compressor motors

From the time of our commencement, we have acquired expertness as the AC Motors Supplier in the industry. We offer Face Mount Motor that find application in electronic and engineering sectors.

These build to last motors with face mount option, are made of aluminum and can be used in air conditioners and industrial conveyor belts. We are a popular Induction Motors Supplier in the industry and are known to offer these motor with wound type rotor or squirrel-cage type rotor. Also known as an asynchronous motor, in the Electric Induction Motors the torque is produced via the rotor’s electric current.

This current is induced via the process of electromagnetic induction. Theoretically, the electric induction motor can have ‘n’ number of phases but actually three-phase squirrel-cage induction motors have most use.

  • Electric Motor (Induction Motor)
  • Flaunge Mount Motor