Air Compressor Blocks

1.0HP SC Topblock

1.5HP SC Topblock

2HP SC Topblock

2HP DC Topblock

3HP 3D Topblock

3HP High Flow Topblock

5HP High Pressure Topblock

5HP High Flow Topblock

7.5HP HighPressure Topblock

7.5HP High Flow Topblock

10HP HighPressure Topblock

10HP High Flow Topblock

Triple Cylinder Topblock

Product Description

The Single , Doube and Triple Cylinder Single and Two stage Belt Drive Reciprocating Compressors are designed for continuous duty application.These Single and Two stage belt driven reciprocating compressors are reliable work horses and can generate from 7 bar to 35 bar pressure suitable for most of the industries and automotive applications


  • Painters for Painting works
  • Power tools
  • Pneumatic Tools
  • On Road Vehicle Emergency Mobile Punchure
  • Wood work industries
  • Fabrication Industrial
  • Railways
  • Concrete batch plants
  • Hospitals
  • Institutions Lab
  • Dental
  • Utility air in petrol pumps
  • Garages
  • Small manufacturing workshops


  • Cast iron compressor with high durability
  • Designed for continuous duty application
  • Air receiver, conforming to ASME design
  • Optimal operating speed
  • Aluminium cooler tubes and aerodynamically designed fan for efficient cooling
  • Automatic start and stop loop control
  • Pressure relief valve for extra safety
  • Low expansion Aluminium alloy piston
  • Forged steel crankshaft
  • Sturdy, robust cast iron crankcase
  • Proven pressure switch and starter
  • Precision Machined alloy pistons for longer life
  • Low wear stainless steel valves
  • Deep fined cylinders for efficient heat transfer. Large cooling fan covers the entire compressor block

Material of constructions

Cylinder FG260 / 60 / 40 Graded Cast iron
Piston Graded Aluminium alloys
RingsCarbon and Graphite
Valve BlideStainless Steel
Valve PlateMS
Crank AssemblyForged Nickle base alloy steel
HousingCast Iron
Air filter assemblyMS With Air Filter Elements
FabricationsMS Heavy
BearingsNeedle / Ball Bearings
Inter CoolerGraded Aluminium Alloys
 Design Temperature Up to 190C,Pressure up to 40 bar