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About Us

Established in the year 1988, National Equipment Company is currently one of the top manufacturing companies in Tamil Nadu . We provide high quality , budgeted and minimal maintenance 3 HP AIR COMPRESSOR and Pump-sets . And it was professionally designed, manufactured and assembled with care at our ultra-modern manufacturing units. Our Units are located in Coimbatore.

33 years of professional experience in the industry has led to providing not only quality products but also high satisfactory customer service. As a result, we successfully manage a high profile book of business including numerous industrial users.

Our Air Compressor is one of our best sellers, because of its high efficiency, affordability and premium quality rating, tested and rated by our experts.


TC300/12/220 – 1PH MODEL

TC300/12/250 – 1PH MODEL

TC300/12/300 MODEL

SC 300/10/250 MODEL

SC300/10/220-1 PH MODEL

SC300/10/220-3 PH MODEL

Working Principle

Firstly, the atmospheric air is withdrawn inside the cylinder through intake valves and the same is repeated. Air is continuously pulled inside the cylinder through the valves significantly, as a part of the process . Secondly, the drawn air is stored in a air receiver.

The major advantage to a NEC Air Compressor is that it never has to be primed . Our Air Compressors are also very efficient and designed as a Build long run. Our wide range of available models markedly suite wider range of customer needs. As a result, the vertical protector angle actions function efficiently in minimal wear and tear with the oil lubrication.

During delivery, all our products are thoroughly checked and packaged by our professional dispatch team to ensure safety and quality at your door-step . Hence forth , prioritizing the satisfaction of our customers and the standard of our service.

Quality Parameters

Our main objective is delivering elite products, not only in terms of quality but also in quantity. We achieve these parameters through professional insight, for instance, by using highly skilled manpower along with supreme standard machinery and tools.

In essence, our team comprises of qualified managers, supervisors, quality controllers and also the best marketing strategists from the industry.

We provide well structured and easy to understand customer guidance as well as extended maintenance packages along with most of our ranges.

To enumerate, the air that exits from the cylinders is termed as the Piston Displacement. Significantly, the displaced air in which the pressure and volume conversion happens is through either a single stage Air Compressor or two stage Air Compressor. Following, Piston displacement transfers air to the air tank continuously and this displaced air develops pressure inside the air receiver.

Double Cylinder Air Compressor Parts

Double Cylinder Compressor Top block Spare Parts


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Pneumatic Air Gun


Air Hose / Painting Gun / Tire Pressure Gauge

Air Dryer

Refrigerator Air Dryer